• 20Sep


    By way of background, there are a few different ways to have reconstruction following mastectomy.  One of them involves taking excess tummy fat and turning it into breast tissue. (cool idea, don’t you think?  Tummy tuck and breast implants all at one time!)


     Each time we went to see any medical professional, the same thing would happen:  After an hour or so of talking about oogy things like tumors and lymph nodes and genetic mutations, they’d look you up down and say you’re too thin for a tram flap reconstruction.  Trying to find some silver lining in this scary cancer diagnosis, My husband  and I decided that we could find humor in knowing that no matter how many M&M’s I’ve been eating (and thanks to those of you who are reading this blog, I’ve been eating LOTS!), I could count on the doctors telling me I was too thin for something.  It got to be a joke after a while.  In fact, one doctor (while discussing my options) looked at me sternly and said in what seemed to be a loud voice, “you’re a thin woman with big breasts”.  I turned to my husband and said, “isn’t that what women want???????”.  I started to take it on as a bit of a challenge:  how long do I have to make excess tummy fat???  I could be like Selma Blair or Matt Damon gaining weight for a big movie role……………

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