• 25May

    When I was pregnant, I always found it odd that perfect strangers would come up to me and touch my belly. It drove me crazy. Think about it … someone who you probably wouldn’t even shake hands with is walking up to you and patting your belly. Odd, right? Here I am 12 years later, with my hair just growing back after chemo, and I’m having an out of body experience as perfect strangers are walking up to me and saying, “oh … I love your short hair cut”. As they’re talking, they are rubbing my head as though they are at the carpet store, trying to determine if the carpet is soft enough for their children.
    It’s a good thing most strangers don’t know about my surgery …. not sure I’m ready for perfect strangers to be checking out the plastic surgeon’s handy work……………..

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  • 17May

    I ran into someone the other week who I hadn’t seen since last summer. She had no idea I’d been through this whole breast cancer thing over the last 8 months. She saw my little just growing back crew cut sticking out from under my baseball cap, and she said, “wow; what a radical hair style; you really chopped it all off!” I thought to myself:
    – Hair chopped off? NO. Do you think I would CHOOSE this hairstyle?????
    – Breasts chopped off? YES.
    – Ovaries chopped off? SOON.

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  • 09May

    Talk about poking me in the eye…. As though it’s not disturbing enough that I’ve recently realized that all my magazines (In Style, Self, US) are obsessed with hair, I received a magazine in the mail yesterday TOTALLY DEVOTED to hair. Who knew that there was an “In Style HAIR” magazine? Did anyone else get this or was it just a Candid Camera moment for me???????????????

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