• 13Jun

    before, the following were considered compliments that I used to like to hear:
    you look fit, toned, well rested,
    you have nice teeth, white teeth, toned arms, good legs, six pack abs, beautiful eyes
    you are smart, nice, in good shape, have good skin, nice haircut,

    First with my bald head, and now with my super short crew cut I hear things like,
    “you have a good shaped head”
    “you have good ears; they don’t stick out much at all”
    “you have an appropriate size head for scarves”
    “you have good bone structure to sport a crew cut”

    wow… it’s amazing how one’s definition of a compliment can change overnight!

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  • mario original game Says:

    There was the occasional shiny spot for Hodgson, especially in Ross Barkley’s first half game and, until the goals, a decent performance from Phil Jones and Chris Smalling at centre-again.

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