• 24Jul

    tammy-faye-bakker1I’ve been putting on mascara for 30 years. It’s a little like brushing your teeth. You just do it; you don’t think about it. That was until my eyelashes fell out during chemo. I went 3 months without any eyelashes, so I got a little out of practice.
    You’d think it would be like riding a bike, right? Take 3 months off and them jump right back on the bike, right?
    Not so. Now I’ve got eyelashes again and I’m able to put on mascara every morning (which is good since my hair is freakishly post-chemo short and I look a little freaky without mascara and a cool pair of earrings!). Here’s the problem: I suck at putting on mascara. I guess I’m so happy to have eyelashes again, that just keep applying and applying and applying.

    I look like freaking Tammy Faye Bakker!!

  • 08Jul

    I just had my “exchange” surgery this week.  It’s the oh so subtle name they give the reconstruction surgery … the one where they take out the temporary “tissue expanders” and put in the permanent implants.  My daughter commented that she thought “exchange” was kind of a weird name for a surgery.  As she said, “if you could do an exchange surgery, wouldn’t you trade in the tissue expanders for real breasts????”.  Good point. 

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