• 03Jan

    sweaterEver since I had chemo, I’ve been experiencing the joys of menopause. Hot flashes all the time … very fun waking up every hour at night and very fun trying to concentrate at work when your body has turned into a human oven. It means I always have to wear short sleeve shirts since when a hot flash comes, you can’t have anything on your arms — not a blazer, not a sweater, not a turtleneck, not even a long sleeve shirt. So…… when I’m not staring at people with hair, I’m completely distracted staring at people who wear sweaters to work. I’m in awe of those who wear blazers and keep them on all day, even in hot conference rooms. And I’m completely and utterly in awe of those women who wear sweaters UNDER their blazers. These are truly super human beings in my mind.

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