• 20Sep

    I started this blog as a way to try to capture some of the funny conversations and thoughts I’ve had while going through this difficult time with breast cancer.  While there’s nothing actually funny about breast cancer, I have found a way to find some humor throughout this process.  So …. Here goes my first attempt at blogging:  It’s my take on the funny things about breast cancer……………


    One other note:  I dedicate this blog to 3 people:

    ·          my friend “Kate” who has been battling a very serious blood cancer for over a decade.  Even in the most difficult times, she manages to make jokes and find humor.  She’s taught me to fight hard and laugh along the way as you fight cancer. 

    ·          My mom who bravely won her battle with breast cancer 35 years ago when she was also 46 years old.  Were it not for her illness, I might not have been as vigilant as I am about early screening for breast cancer

    ·          My father who always tried to use humor as a way to make connections with others.  Until the day he died, he was “kibbitzing”, and I know that it was he who gave me my “find the humor in any situation” genes.